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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sentimental Journey of Quilts: Trunk Show Fills Home

Normally a trunk show in the quilting world represents showing special quilts kept in a trunk, but in Eve Lyn Perkins’ case, it took a whole home to hold her collection.  Next to her family, there is probably no other interest that has consumed and entertained her for so long, as has quilting.  She started learning when she was 10 years old, by helping her mother and grandmother and hasn’t stopped since.
Surrounded by beautiful quilts she has made over the span of 60 plus years, Eve Lyn took neighbors, friends, and quilting buddies on a sentimental journey of quilting on Nov.18.  She and her daughter Gayle were conductors for the grand tour of quilts which filled seven rooms and hallways of her home. 
An estimated 45 full sized quilts, plus another 50 or so small quilts, wall hangings, rugs, table toppers, and art pieces were artfully displayed. Never one to be afraid to try something new, Eve Lyn has mastered hundreds of patterns and quilt making techniques including applique, chicken scratch, embroidery, paper piecing, and original designs. 
Her displays included heirloom friendship quilts made by her mother, grandmother, and great aunts, along with pioneer quilts made from clothing, and prints of the 30’s and 40’s. Her creative work included everything from polyester “trip around the world” quilts, to levi camp quilts, to fancy quilts almost too beautiful to use on a bed.  
The quilt displays were spectacular, and took a great effort to orchestrate and take down.   Everyone enjoyed the evening which celebrated one of the great quilters of Blanding. Everything was "sew" wonderful!”
Grayson Quilters Show and Tell
Show and tell from guild members was exceptional as well. Besides dozens of amazing quilts there were wreaths, rugs, bracelets, pillow cases, bags, wash clothes, and back scrubbers shown.  Who says quilt guild is just about quilting!?