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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bluff Fort: Things to See 2009

Tribute Wall Honoring the Earliest Bluff Pioneers 

The First Cabins at the Fort

The only surviving original cabin which belonged to the Barton family

 Tribute plaque in new Barton Cabin built at the Fort
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Furnishing in the new Barton Cabin fall 2009

The Parley Butt Cabin 2009

    Inside the Parley Butt Cabin 2009

The Hyrum and Ben Perkins' Cabin 2009
Richard and Evelyn Perkins helped erect and decorate the Perkins Cabin

Dedication of John Taylor Statue at Bluff Fort

John Taylor descendants were on hand to to commemorate this tribute to President John Taylor who issued the call to the Hole-in-the-Rock Pioneers in 1878-79.  It was through their generous contribution that the statue was commissioned. Elder Tom Perry dedicated the statue and Governor Hubert also participated.

Spirits were high the day of the John Taylor Statue dedication with Apostle Tom Perry present, as well as Governor Gary R. Herbert,  Perry stated, "We are here to place a stone to remember how the Lord helped a small company of saints survive a most difficult assignment from a prophet to settle in a very remote place as a part of a plan to expand new communities in the western part of North America."
Elder Perry told how after the death of Brigham Young, John Taylor as the senior apostle took his position as the head of the Church and continued to expand the perimeters of the Church with more than 100 new settlements. He emphasized three things to be learned from President Taylor: his courage, his ability to communicate, and his faith.

Dedication and Desire
     Bluff, October 24, 2009   by Janet Wilcox

Standing on the shoulders of those who came before
A new San Juan Hill has been summitted.
 With Herculean effort
    families  have united to share
       legacies and lore,
          truths and treasures
             heritage and heroics.

Like parachutes of dandelion fluff
  scattered by the winds of change,
    Bluff’s legacy spread afar for 120 years,
         nurtured in descendant’s hearts,
           Until a dream began to grow.

Outdistancing the clouds of doubt
    And storms of failure
       Leaders called forth with hope and vision
            And new pioneers rallied to recreate the past.
    A modern gathering of clans and cabins converged,
       reminding us how undaunted courage
          and stick-it-atu-ity can accomplish the impossible.
New generations
   Recognizing the value of history
     Have reclaimed the mission of San Juan,
      Rebuild the fort
          and shown us with loving reminders
                   its new purpose under heaven.

   May we ever remember
        the trail, tears, and travails

             leading to this sacred ground in Bluff.

This poem was written to celebrate  the days’ events as well as the efforts of the past decade.  It can be found via this link, along with other Hole in the Rock poetry

Governor Hubert with Beverly Sorenson and Elder Tom Perry

Perkins descendants: Gayle Shumway, Richard and Evelyn Perkins, Cameron Shumway

It was a perfect beautiful Bluff fall day for the dedication

L-R: Bernice Perkins, Madge Shumway, Linda and Jim Shumway
and Bill Redd, former SJC Commissioner

Local musicians under the direction of Maryann Lyman
 provided music for the occasion.