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Saturday, November 5, 2011

All A-mazed by Blanding Streets

The Corn Mazes of northern Utah have nothing up on the excitement provided by Blanding's A"Mazing" streets when it comes to sidetracking participants, or running them into dead ends. Not only does the west side of town currently provide ample opportunities for back tracking and rethinking the course of travel, but it also provides some interesting hazards and sudden drops with unexpected delays and turns. At best most mazes in the state provide only a month or so of entertainment and surprise, but Blanding citizens have enjoyed their A"mazing" adventures since the onset of summer. But the extreme bonus this location provides, is that you get to enjoy Blanding's maze from the comfort of your vehicle. Who missed promoting this business bonanza? The city should have sold tickets! Of course once we get out of this a "mazing" mess (hopefully without calling 911), we will appreciate the calm serenity of paved streets devoid of potholes and bumps, and reflect on the experience we've had. It's been quite a ride!