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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eileen Davis (l) teamed up with Taylor Winn at the June Quilt Camp and
Joann Watkins helped Anne Hendry.

Gail Glover helps granddaughter, Taylor
Motivated by a desire to pass on the love and skills of quilting,  Blanding and Monticello quilters joined forces to teach to the next generation.  The vision of the camp came from Gail Glover, secretary of the Grayson Country Quilters.   She had taught several of her own grandchildren in past years and loved the experience.

Gayle Marian helping her grandson
 Gayle Marian headed up the effort to find teachers, and then teachers found their own students.  Many worked with their grandchildren or neighborhood youth.  Twelve adult leaders and 18 youth were involved in the two day workshop.  Other leaders included Elaine Davis, Susan Flavel, Shari Guymon, Janet Wilcox, Silvia Stubbs, Joann Watkins, Gail Glover, Tracy Seiter and Jorden Giddings.
Heather Palmer teamed up with her niece, Ann Pugh

     All of the youth caught on quickly, and successfully completed a quilt top by the end of the 2nd day, many doing twin sized quilts.  Taylor Winn even got her baby sized quilted tied while at the workshop.  All participants considered it a great success.  Leader Heather Palmer said, "I liked that everyone was so helpful and friendly.  I didn't have to figure out everything by myself.  

Lou Mueller, USU extension agent
going over plans

Lou Mueller and Gloria Eberling of USU Extension 4-H programs partnered with Blanding Quild, and secured the Arts and Events Center, as well as prepared lunch, snacks, and activities for the two-day event.. In the process the group also learned some things about the 4-H program.
Janet Wilcox worked with Laurie and Nizhoni
Silvia Stubbs worked with her two granddaughters

Taylor Winn made her quilt for her cousin

The students were encouraged to complete their quilts by July 2 for the 4th of July quilt show, as well as to enter them in the County Fair, Aug. 8.

At the end of day 1 everyone had completed this much of their quilt